“Peace is generosity.  It is right and it is duty.”

– Oscar Romero

With no government funding and insufficient support from other non-profits, the schools are left to themselves to provide safe learning environments equipped with all of the necessary materials and supplies for successful education. This includes providing basic food staples (rice, beans, powdered milk) for children too poor to have breakfast at home. Donations from a few non-profit organizations that support the schools is no longer enough to keep them in good working order.
There have been no upgrades or significant maintenance of these schools for 20-30 years. The first priority of this campaign is to renovate the elementary school. Funding has been provided by Tommy to improve and upgrade the current classroom, a tin shed with no cooling system where temperatures often reach 100+ f (40 c).  (The classroom is shared by about 300 students throughout the day.) Improvements include a renovated cook space and a new pupsa plancha.


The Safe Schools Campaign will now target the next priority: building  a new classroom. The construction cost to add a classroom onto the existing building is roughly $10,000 USD (80,000 SEK). We will also purchase plastic chairs and tables for the children to eat their breakfast/lunch, as there is currently nowhere for them to sit for meals.  If funding allows, we also hope to provide a new teacher’s desk.

Your donation in any amount will be earmarked for this campaign. Tommy will be working closely with FOCES El Salvador Director, Nuria Garcia, to ensure the maximum outcomes are achieved with the funds. Tommy will provide regular updates and photos during the exciting transformation process, so check back often to see how your dollars (kroner) are being spent!

Your tax-deductible donation can be made through PayPal. Thank you for your support!