2015 Youth Delegation

Four youths aged 13-16 and their parents/guardians, together with Fr. Gerald Steinmetz and two FOCES Board members, traveled from Albuquerque to San Salvador for the Youth Delegation. The project they chose to support was working with at-risk adolescents (becarios) in El Escobal, La Herradura. The delegates presented and participated in role-reversal, role-playing, yoga, and other workshops focused on esteem-building and developing skills to help cope with violence and gang threats in their communities and families. The delegation also cleaned the community daycare center and painted a mural on the front to brighten the space. Younger children in the community were treated to books, games, coloring, and other fun activities.

Workshops for adolescents teaching self-esteem and coping skills to help with family violence, gangs, and other poverty-related stressors.

David and Sergio break language barriers with the help of technology!

Mural 2

Starting on a mural to brighten the daycare center in El Escobal.

Mural 3

The mural team worked here while other delegates worked with adolescents in the El Escobal community center.

After lunch hosted by a local family, the delegation attended Catholic mass in the community chapel, celebrated by Fr. Gerry.