Our Accomplishments

Student Education

  • Students enrolled 2000-2006 (cumulative total): 15
  • Students enrolled 2007-2012 (cumulative total): 44
  • Students enrolled 2012: 23 (largest number ever enrolled in a single year)
  • Average length of time students remain in program: 3-4 years
  • Total student years of sponsored education, 2000-2012: Approximately 15 years
  • Number of sponsors in 2012: 60

Community Improvement Projects 

Each project was made possible with money from fund raising campaigns and donations, and often with the physical participation of US delegates:

  • Secure fencing around a community center in La Herradura
  • New mural on a child care center in El Escobar
  • Renovated soccer field near La Herradura
  • Built two Catholic chapels, one in Tres Ceibos Abajo and one in La Pinera
  • Built a community center in Tres Ceibos Abajo
  • Build a casa digna (proper home) for a student and his family
  • Refurbished a home for a student and his family
  • Repaired and refurbished the school in St. Angeles
  • Provided assistance for two women’s hammock cooperatives in La Herradura and La Pinera
  • Built composting latrines
  • Began a community gardening project
  • Provided school supplies and improvements in  many communities
  • Provided natural disaster relief (food, mattresses, mosquito netting, and other goods) in areas identified by FOCES El Salvador to be most vulnerable
  • Renovated a library
  • For several years, paid the salary of a physician who provided medical care for communities
  • Assistance with FOCES San Salvador administrative expenses